Join me for this exclusive high performance training and coaching program, what I refer to as my Strengths Champion Program, and I promise to help you and your company lower employee turnover, increase product quality, boost collaboration between managers, and increase profits.

A tall order, you might think, but I’ll let you in on a secret:

The key to improving all of your metrics is to do what the world’s greatest managers do.

And that is to know your individual strengths (and those of the managers and employees around you) and to actively encourage everyone in your organization to use those strengths at work each and every day.


Employee Engagement

Have your people taken their eye off the ball? I’m a tennis player, so I like the clarity of this expression. The ball is a metaphor, of course. In the strengths world, the ball has another name: Employee engagement.

I know what you’re thinking. Engagement sounds like a nonsense word created by high-priced consultants. On the contrary, you can measure engagement in many ways. Let’s take a look at your customer satisfaction ratings, workplace surveys, productivity reports, turnover trends, safety incidents, theft, absenteeism, I could go on.

Did I forget to mention the most common yardstick of all: profitability?

Businesses which consistently measure low in engagement—or any of the metrics I just mentioned—are routinely and systematically squandering profits.

The fix is simpler than you might think. The most direct route to increased profits is to reengage your employees. By that, I mean creating ways to encourage your people to work with passion and feel a profound connection to your business. And the ONLY way I know of to achieve such a profound connection is to create a culture where every employee is using his God-given talentshis strengthsat work each and every day.


The World’s Greatest Managers

My Strengths Champion Program is intended to turn a good manager into a great manager by giving her the tools to build a strengths-based culture within your organization.

This manageryou, if you are up for the challenge—is your company’s Strengths Champion.

Let me take a moment to talk about why I’ve chosen the word “champion.”

A champion implies winning. If you want to improve employee engagement and thus win over your workforce, win new customers, and win entirely new markets, then my Strengths Champion Program is exactly the training and coaching program your company needs.

Just what can you expect from my Strengths Champion Program?

I could list a bunch of features and benefits, but instead, how about I tell you a story?

In 2014, the Triad Group, an injection molding and machine company, faced runaway turnover caused by a series of leadership changes, lack of strategic direction, and poor communication with the production teams.

That’s when company owners Russ and Nancy took on the role of Strengths Champions and began a sustained effort to turn the company around by creating a strengths-based organization and thus reengaging managers and employees.

Russ and Nancy used about every tool in the book.

They gave each employee the StrengthsFinder assessment, issued jerseys with the employee’s top strengths stitched in bold letters on the back, developed a six-week training and coaching program for all employees, handed out strengths calendars to help their people focus on their strengths every day, created a bucket wall to remind everyone the power of strengths in promoting positive interactions, and even posted team strengths grids on the shop walls to show off the diverse talents of each team.

Russ and Nancy did other things, but what’s most important are the results they achieved.

  • Monthly turnover fell from 85 percent to 8 percent.
  • Scrap rate dropped from 35 percent to 1 percent.
  • Productivity jumped by 200 percent.

And finally, profitability increased by 233 percent.

There’s no question that throughout this process Russ and Nancy transformed from average managers to two of the world’s greatest managers.

Become a Strengths Champion, Today!


Brent O’Bannon

I’m Brent O’Bannon, a full-time strengths coach and trainer.

I’ve been coaching executives and managers for more than twenty years now, and when I do the math the numbers are crazy. I’ve facilitated more than 27,000 coaching sessions and spoken to more than 75 organizations across the globe in such far flung places as Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates, and China.

That’s my public bio and often all you’ll get out of me.

Lately, however, I’ve taken an interest in the stories we tell ourselves, those rambling explanations of how we got to be who we are.

And while I often focus on others, for those interested, I’m willing to share my own story, or at least a part of it.

Here goes.

I mentioned that I’m a tennis player and have been for much of my life. I picked up my first tennis racquet at thirteen and intuitively knew the sport fit my body and personality.

The next day, I quit football—no easy task for a kid from East Texas where football rules—and committed my efforts solely to tennis.

I took lessons and practiced hard. In fact, long before I was allowed behind the wheel of my father’s truck, I drove our old tractor to town to the high school courts where I hit balls against a wall for hours.

Problem was few people in my small town of Grand Saline played tennis, and even fewer were any good at it.

My break came when our high school hired a new tennis coach, Jerry Slayton.

Thereafter, Coach Slayton became my coach and mentor.

He quickly saw something in me I didn’t see in myself—a mix of raw talent and drive that if focused might mature into greatness.


Improve On What’s Working

My Strengths Champion Program is a unique combination of intensive training and one-on-one coaching.

Here’s my program in a nutshell:

  1. Intensive one-day training,
  2. followed by weekly coaching calls, and later a
  3. transition to monthly coaching calls.

Really, it’s that simple.

 1)  Intensive One-Day Training

The training material is produced by Gallup and includes an array of successful strategies for helping managers and teams maximize individual and collective talents to reach desired performance outcomes. The workbooks and guides include everything you and I need to address specific team-related issues and challenges using strengths-based development.


These resources focus on the following four areas:

  • Maximizing Talent

    We’ll kick off the training by talking about youyour company’s Strengths Championto make sure you understand and appreciate your own unique talents in the context of this new role. Then, we’ll discuss ways you can help other managers understand each team member’s distinct and powerful talents.

  • Overcoming Challenges

    I’ll share definitive techniques for using strengths-based development to address specific team-related challenges.

  • Engaging Teams

    We’ll talk about your company and your industry and how you can discover, develop, and use the particular talents of key managers for greater team engagement.

  • Increasing Productivity

    And finally, we’ll talk inputs and outputshow to equip EVERY employee with strategies for maximizing their individual and collective talents to improve company productivity and performance.

Champion is a State of Mind


Think Years Not Days

Remember, building a strengths-based culture is a long-term game.

In his own way, Coach Slayton was a pioneer in strengths philosophy.

First, he thought long term, a challenge for any high school coach pressured to get results now, this match, this tournament, this season. In spite of the pressures, he suggested small changes to my game that if repeated over and over would reap massive benefits months or even years in the future.

Second, within days of working together, it seemed, Coach Slayton had identified my core strengths—quickness, sharp reflexes, aggressive play at the net—all the skills of an exceptional doubles player. He pushed me hard to improve the things I was already good at and in doing so gave me the confidence to make shots I had previously given up on.

I recall how he didn’t spend a second fixing my weaknesses, and instead drilled me on ways to enhance my natural talents until they overpowered any shortcomings in my game.

In the end, Coach Slayton’s strategy paid huge dividends.

My junior year in high school, he selected me and a partner to play first team doubles. By year-end, we had advanced to the Texas Tennis State Championship tournament.

Throughout the tournament, my partner and I played our game—quick, aggressive play at the net—and we didn’t lose a single match. That year, 1981, we won the Texas AAA Doubles Tennis State Championship, a dream come true.

I share this story not as an example of tennis prowess, or even the magic of dreaming big, but as an illustration of how an effective and consistent focus on individual strengths can lead to tangible, almost miraculous, outcomes.


Training. Coaching. Commitment.

My Strengths Champion Program is different than any other management coaching program on the market.

It’s more than just training, more than personal coaching, more than a business fad sure to lose it’s luster in a year or two. In fact, some 13.6 million people around the world have taken the StrengthsFinder assessment with the sole purpose of better understanding their individual strengths, and, with luck, applying those strengths at work.

My Strengths Champion Program can and will transform your business, if you give me a chance.

What’s in the box:

  • Full-day training in a casual setting in downtown Sherman, Texas.
  • Weekly personal, one-on-one coaching telephone calls with me for the first month following the training.
  • Monthly personal coaching calls with me in months two through six.

You get all this for one flat fee of $7,500.

With this unbelievably low price, I can promise it’s cheaper than doing business as usual. Stop taking a piecemeal approach to fixing your business. Today, it’s turnover. Tomorrow, it’s quality. The day after, it’s low morale and poor productivity, all of it affecting your company’s bottom line.

Instead, take on a single comprehensive business initiative that will reshape your company into the ideal work environment in which every employee gets to do what they do best each and every day. 

When you are ready to get started, call me.


Go on, what do you have to lose?


Let Me Be Your Coach

I mentioned Coach Slayton, a powerful coach and mentor in my early life. Since, I’ve had other business and professional coaches who played an equally influential role.

Just a few years ago, in October 2012, I got a phone call from Gallup CIO Phil Ruhlman who, along with Gallup Senior Consultant Curt Liesveld, invited me to join Gallup’s groundbreaking Coaching Certification class. I accepted his invitation and became the first Gallup certified strengths coach in history.

Thereafter, Curt Liesveld became my mentor offering advice on coaching and occasionally sharing insights into Gallup’s latest management research projects. 

My point: I believe in coaching and you should too.

So, let me make you an offer.

Let me be your coach, and I will do for you what Coach Slayton and others did for me—help you raise your game to a new level.

A level higher than anything you could achieve on your own. A level so high with outcomes so lofty you may not believe you’re up for the challenge.

You are.

If you are genuinely interested in introducing a strengths-based culture to your company or organization, then I’m your coach. Pick up the phone and call me today.


Seriously, do this and put the odds in your favor.



Or, if you like, fill out the contact form below.

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P.S.  Check out the grainy photo below. That’s my high school tennis team. I’m there too (the serious looking teen in the bottom row, center, striped shirt).

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